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Beautiful Brunch at Poppy Seed, Newtown

Last Sunday, we went out looking for a classy but not over the top breakfast spot with solid vegan options. We found all that and more at Poppy Seed, nested on a quiet Newtown side street.


  • Thought Connection

    Here I thoughtour little connectionmeant the world to you and me. Somedays, like these days, they pass right on through. I can’t help myself,but to put myselfin that place with you. Love and all the sticky connections I swear, I can’t help myself,but to think of the dayswhen I was all up inside youlost to…


  • Yesterday

    The start of this,the first verse,love interrupted usall because I fell in love. To tell the truthor truth be knownlosing control to you I am under a locked spellhonestly, from the startI never had a real chancemaking my own real way. It was only yesterdaymy long and heavy eyeswent searching for that one perfect spot.…


  • Wash Away

    I wanted you to bethe one who wouldn’t mindme taking time and using it in a different way. Honestly, I swear we sworeI’d always use my sizeto keep us all smothered. Instead, you washed everything awayin the flash of an instant,my mind turned from yours,I can no longer hear your voicein the cold silence of…


  • Food and Love

    Adrift with too much time to think. I wonder how untrueall those promises you madewere actually the best of you. Anemic, and clearly out of my depthI never had the chance to tell youexactly why I was so rushed. Food and love,starving to have my hand heldI’ve forgotten the taste of perfume,how that scent lingers…


About Me

Hi, I’m Angie, founder of Angie Eats

I am a cookbook author, food blogger, and content creator, exploring food from all over the world. Expect delicious recipes, restaurant reviews, and an occasional video! I hope you enjoy!


  • Wind Chimes

    I can’t thank you enough, Grace. You took the time to help eraseThe love ruin running in my veins. Today, I’m back in your armsthere’s something in the wayyou take away the weightletting me float in this worldI can’t thank you enough, Grace. I want to honor you,the proper girl with all the original parts,call…


  • Bother Me

    I don’t mean to bother you,but I will,because the early morning sundistracts what I see in you. Perhaps this is love,I never meant to ask this of youmy tragic wantingtime and attention work in unisonI’ll let today be my burden and push away this ache I have for you.