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Love Letters

So It Begins…

You Get What You Give-Gilbrand

Welcome to I’m excited to start this new format.Image-1Thank you for giving this project your time and attention.

Love Letters
The lessons we follow
come from secure plans
that are edged and replanted.
Long before we sit to write

emotions stir and twist inside.
It’s the words we choose
 transplanted or new
explain the priceless connection.
Love is real
in this age of abandon
we know when it’s feel

our true companion
easy to write.

Love letters,
it’s the absolute request
to read a series
or sets of pretty words.

To simply see
the inner workings

twist around the wheels of affection.
Each new experience
adds yet another layer.
Time and attention,
a pure and absolute gift
is so easily given.
Even more than all that,
the evidence is in the writing
the perfumed gentle touches.
Smeared words from a left hand
the imperfect penmanship
softly etched,
for hours now,
choosing the absolute perfect words
comes quick.
This beautiful bond

where one is given
time inside the walls
to walk and inspect
all the pretty writings.

With lovely abandon
emotions are alive and living
deep inside this well
where the inspection
is allowed to last for hours.

Love letters,
the lost and forgotten expression
where time is stamped and imprinted
for future generations
to read and envy the words.


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