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Want Versus Need

Want Versus Need
This tepid air we breathe
is something we need
to keep our love drawn hours
from getting lost inside.
I wish for you to read
and understand all the hidden meanings.
Just take a minute if you can
and listen to words in music.
Certain kinds of things
will jump off these pages.
If we’ve come all this way
to put certain things on paper
it’s easy to understand
this connection.
To be a true love
truly whispering
a set of first time words.
Love’s lyrical song
can firmly come from inside.
Want versus need
the passing wishes
both dance together in balance
both being different
 from all the others
and yet,
the request is always the same.
one may come with
terms and conditions,
just lay them all out to be seen.
Both judged in true balance
it’s our want versus need.



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