Starlit Desires


Starlit Desires
Built up from all the waiting
this simple wish had finally come true.
From the start or from the beginning
whispers were carefully placed
set so they’d break a couple of rules.
It wasn’t until she fell
and tripped into love
that she decided to dress up.
Showing this playful side
wasn’t just for anyone.
In order to get this close
she wanted her feelings to be explored.
And out on top of the world
she held out her wrists
on the eve of this moonlit mood
she simply wished to be consumed.
Consumed in a kind of heavy devouring
closer to a darker edge
held down by the weight of her room
each tiny detail so perfectly executed.
Tiny lights laid out in anticipation
the light softly balanced the room.
Her pretty nails were anxiously ready

for this, the hallowed moon.
This time though, this yearly endeavor
meant she’d give a little more.
Starlit desires or otherwise,
were certainly coming true

come tomorrow, when things turned
into this exotic expression
she’ll have everything placed
with meticulous care.
This connection,
will be bound and tied tightly
to this, the autumn sky.

8 responses to “Starlit Desires”

  1. You will never cease to find new ways to share Your words. This is almost as beautiful as the site You created nine years ago for a girl fighting for to stay alive. This is exquisite, indeed.


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