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Halloween Night

img_1739With every word so locked,
still half inside,
I try not to smile.
On this,
her Halloween night.
Is it such a stretch

to think what’s taken so long?
I’ve wished for her
a thousand different nights,
and I know she loves to dress up
I’ve seen her little outfits.
Down on broken knees
I ache to kiss

her sensitive palms.
She grasps my face
to pull me forward.
Making sure there’s nothing to miss.
And from behind
her eyes sink into mine,
almost as if,
she’s giving her permission again
with those vampire teeth.
She begs to sink them in
to take a bite,
just as I wish.
With more to give this night
she opens her secret book
her spells mixed with intricate detail.
She opens the bottle’s mouth
dripping hot sensitive wax
the jack-o-lantern smiles.
A trick,
or her possession perhaps.
I’m watching her
still upside down
and from behind.
She glides perfectly still
and super close.
Hands reach and cuff my wrists
in one quick motion.
Her voice,
somehow in my mind
With lips that are sewn shut.
Cooly looking from wrist to wrist,
one cannot imagine how
a girl her size
could move so fast.
Against a full moon
and her heavy charms
she brings a boiling cauldron forward,
she asks,
do you wish to drink?
One would dare not answer
she closes the gap
with my chin in her grasp
she asks forcefully now,
do you wish to drink?
Very seriously,
one must take their turn with her
taking Halloween Night very seriously.
Danger lurks,
and as she calls you forward
it’s easy to lose your balance,
you simply just fall in.
Now underneath her beauty charms
the spell begins to churn,
the luxury of her knowledge
no one has the ability to run.
As the night progresses even further
everything slows to a crawl
words stop forming
lights automatically dim.
It’s time she starts her feeding.
The pain luxury
controls all movement.
It’s hard not to focus on the lights,
she ties these tiny little circles
into Celtic knots.
Perfectly bound and balanced.
I lay with no other choice
quietly still in her layered place.
With just this post
as her evidence to tell the story
tonight is her Halloween
the tortured Hell.

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