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A Precious Plan

With no true way

of ever really knowing

I was coming for you.

Say inside of an hour,

we’d be negotiating both sides

of a plan to please each of us.

Both roles would have to have

clearly defined rules.

This precious plan of ours

was different than all the rest.

With no true way

of ever really knowing

I was coming for you.

On knees to broken palms

I laid out the plan

before your handsome eyes

had a chance otherwise.

It was there to be judged

either you’d agree

or turn me away

with that hand of disapproval,

asking me,

come back when you’ve perfected the plan.


counting the petals on stems

“she loves me”

“she loves me not.”

there must of been

a thousand flowers on the ground.

You turned to face me,


‘when do we begin?’

With an over exaggerated trounce

I pulled you to the ground

and I whispered

for the first real time

as we laid in the mud.

The first real time I know

because your legs twisted around mine,

both of us lying there

entwined and fused as one,

‘we start now.’

In hushed very quiet sentences

we spoke this soliloquy that promised

both sides would get everything

ever wished or dreamt of.

For hours we negotiated

discussing all the intricate intimacies

how they were to be played.

Wrapped up in every syllable

the girl opened up a different side,

this night,

she cured everything

that had been in my life.

Able to walk now

I stretched her hands over mine,

up and over the moon

her ribcage was finally able to breathe.

The mood was infectious,

and just as she’d cured everything

she injected her serum into my veins.

She warned I’d now be addicted.

The street exchange

always searching for a fix.

I told her that

I’d crawl the streets

in order to get her drug

inside my life.

In some prophetic way

those words meant more to her

than the drug dealing image itself.

Just as we stopped negotiating,

she asked,

“what if things change between us?”

I reminded her

our plan was ever changing

like some fully living breathing animal,

that if we change

so too do the words

written in our Precious plan.


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