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Caged Heart

Against faith,

I’m honestly making the right choice

my heart has hung itself

inside a thick steel cage.

I want yesterday back,

so I could say and do

all the same things over again.

My heart loves

and it doesn’t matter

that it forgets

and has no long term memories.

The overcrowded conditions

of where it lives

it would be happy enough

just to have

a belly full of overflowing love.

I was wondering if,

the whispered prayers,

I’ve been saying for centuries now

are making any sense?

God has to be tired of listening.

What’s worse,

nothing ever changes,

and yet,

I keep my stubborn streak alive.

I think I can find someone to replace you.

Of course it is a lie,

it’s just that,

I’m just so much more

sensitive than everyone else.

I think that’s why

my heart has been sentenced

to this harsh life. 

Far from everyone else,

it’s just the two of us in here

it’s impossible to spread wings

with hands that

would never trust again.

I’ve kept my promise

let me say that again.

I’ve kept all my promises

about writing each and everyday

to my love.

Always using a set of poetic words

always using the best of me

showing the world

how much love means to my heart.

I still get that same look

when others refuse

to look in

and recognize

my heart is still trapped

cuffed and chained

to a graffitied wall.

I have no excuses now

don’t try to convince me otherwise

for this love soaked love condition,

I accept is a part of me now.

In fact,

I didn’t know I’d end up here

writing about something or someone

that meant so much to me

and my best friend inside.

I bet I could forget everything

nothing or no one

needs to care or matter,

just as long as it meant

my caged-up heart

could be  free

and let out.


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