Clasps and Expectations

The beauty age

a girl works hard

trying to move the others

far from what is hers.

She glances and watches for his reaction,

together they know without conversation

and music is the excuse.

Smash and push the night forward

deeper and forward this time

both bodies all heated and warm

their love attraction rules.

In that moment

they both take their roles

she offers up her wrists

and as delicately as their first kiss

he ties a series of Shibari knots,

the triton,

tied firmly and yet

all she’d have to do is pull

to be released and set free.

With his eyes in hers

she double twists the knot

making sure he knows

she’s here to play.

The emergency penetration

eloquently he stabs the sharp tip

of his Willam Henry Knife

into a bowl of fruit at his feet.

Kneeling to be even with her

he places a set of heated stones

down the curve of her spine,

she tingles under this burn.

Her skin, at attention now

absent of any surface tension

until  that knife point

slices and quarters the flesh

a piece of pear fruit.

Dripping fruit brought to her hungry lips

feeding her passionate wanting.

Instructed to keep eyes shut

he lays almost on top of her

both equal  now

he nudges her legs

open for a new kind of dialogue

buried in the corner of her ear

the whispering chord


Upon hearing

“ lost and a long time ago”

she fights to squirm underneath him

it’s no use really

there is no other real place for her

except here

underneath his control.

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