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Concrete River

With a noticeable glance or stare

I can’t quite remember

how it was

I found you there

in a concrete river.

There you were

in water that was soft and curving

by some manmade structure.

There must have been

hours of pure love and beauty

poured into your foundation,

in order for you,

to stand the test of the seasons.

Perhaps this is why

I consider you

the one and only.

I still find myself

still so in love.

I can’t help but staring,

at this,

a scene void of any sound and movement.

The crashing is surely deafening

underneath this bright blue sky

I am trapped

by your calling.

I look as if,

I could of changed the outcome.

Your shoulders are getting their color,

just as you have wanted or planned.

Sun-kissed beauty,

you always have been

the glamour-girl

and I am in love.

Forever and always

you’ll always be this

super pretty girl

that I can’t stop thinking about.

I can’t help but notice now

that someone has invested time in you.

That sparkling glance or smile,

always so perfectly timed

you know exactly how to position yourself

deep in the back of  eyes.

I want to come save you,

to be the one

that spreads the SPF lotion

down and out across your spine.

Love tingling,

I watch how the others defend

their wayward glances,

the jealousy in their wanting

is the drug

we both want.

Even I,

add to the excuse or reason

I have to keep my eyes fixed upon,

this scene of you

my manufactured reason

I need to be in love with you

to prove that I wasn’t wrong

spending time in the concrete river

along with you.

I have been counting on this weekend,

the one where we turn clocks forward.

I get to spend an extra hour with you

buried in bed

late night kisses

out in the fresh wide open.

Hands on Spring hips

atop that early morning

where it’s super crisp,

but blindingly bright

where for once

we reach the same place

at the exact same time,

our love solstice.

I am charmed by your looks

that charming glance

when your head tilts back and

I grip onto you even harder

tight inside my grasp

I bring you to that edge,

and you release

deep into me.


describes this moment or event

here in the concrete river

where the edges

have all been, but polished smooth.

It’s safe

to be undressed and naked.

The shimmering water

has no visible distortions

while resting comfortably on elbows

you tilt and let the sun God

properly cover your entire body

from head to toe

wide and overlapping hands

spread evenly down your center

and you open yourself up.

Hands inside of hands

like there is nothing or no one else.

From the balcony above

the song


by Leon Bridges



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