Controlling the Kiss

I swear,

I swore the last time

that if there could ever be a tomorrow

I’d let you borrow my love

for however long you needed it.

I never knew it was this serious

being on the other side

of love’s hungry door

never hearing all the knocking.

To be in your arms again

controlling the kisses once more.

God’s gift for sure

back when it was so isolated,

banned and forbidden.

This warmer weather

so reminds me of you,

the true you,

where you try and avoid

the sun, with it’s heavy consequences.

The golden orb

forces most everyone

to seek shelter inside

to hide and get out of it’s light and rays.

I’m rising earlier and earlier

to greet the handsome stranger,

the one that has survived

another jealous night

waiting for his moon

to settle down

and sleep for once.

I love watching you

sun drenched or otherwise,

your skin has a mirrored glossy shine.

I’ve memorized the pleasure source

of having you close  

slowly rubbing oil deep into my shoulders

easing my soft broken side .

A side that isn’t so noticeable

now that everything is recharged and full,

almost overflowing again

the kings riches

that never played a part between us

have given us some kind of relief.

Finally given the pick of a select few,

just as that perfect creature

searches in vain

for that one pristine place

here we are

controlling the kisses.

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