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Fevered Touch

Our coveted pretty place

adorned heavily

in heavenly icons.

Close to our bed love

rosaries hang

close at hand

just in case

we need to pray

for our burdened sins.

Sins that aren’t so easily made up

I’m constantly in prayer

asking for the return of your attention

there is something

that makes up the core of me

where I need you

completely willing to give me everything.

A place where you’re not afraid

to walk right up the edge

and look over at the abyss

the blessed destination

between love’s beautiful comfort

and the sensual sheets of need.

I want you next to me

so I can smell that scent again

I swear it’s been years

since I’ve had that kind of pressure

placed so easily in front of me.

Up until this moment

I haven’t minded all the praying

it’s just right now

I miss my special angel

the pretty fairy wings

in matching panties

dancing softly towards me.

I have the worth of a thousand men

with sensitive feelings

knowing I have much more to give

before this fevered touch

chooses to leave me.

My skin is carrying some

sensitive somebody

dangerously choking the life,

the rich romantic kind of Domination

that causes one

to fall in love.


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