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Heavy Handed Mouth

A nighttime lover

it’s all we’ve ever wanted, besides,

who speaks with a magical tongue

like the old days?

So few can understand anymore

the love-drawn torturous eyes

that have wrecked our bodies.

Stare, it can’t be helped, but to stare

means you want

what we already have

it’s a jealous cycle for sure.

Believe whatever you want

the choice has always been yours to keep,

even as that heavy handed mouth

comes closer to yours,

I’d turn if I were you.

I don’t  think affection’s sweet arms

will ever be wrapped around me again.

The one and only thing

I’d use to scream

is too busy

mouthing something pretty

to someone who is too stubborn.

Still, I’d spend hours

kissing your hungry mouth

with the tiniest of little touches.

I’d swear, you wouldn’t even know

I’ve always been on top of you.

The actual matter

of my situation, is this,

my plain and simple speech

is truly misplaced and probably lost.

I smile as if,

I have chosen to speak this romantic dialect

because it was once fashionable and fancy.

The words are forgotten

miles from civilization now

people are too busy

to just stop and listen.

Today, it is a delicate place

where you’re surrounded by poison

flowered beauties,

timeless choices,

but most of all

what is hurting all of us

we’ve forgotten

how it is to love.

All it took

was just one tiny slip up

everyone has been wondering why

it’s taken you so long

to return their messages

or accept their friendship.

And all this because

I wanted to kiss

two centuries ago.

I know it couldn’t of been helped

you fell in love with a voice

that was so softly spoken.

Today is the first day

I want to beg and kneel,

just so I can show you

how it is

when you flood me with admiration.

I want you

to be the chosen girl

picked from centuries ago.


she stands and marks the moments.

Hours pass


I fall deeper in love.

Hours pass


I can’t help myself,

but to reach and grab for her mouth.

That delicate heavy handed mouth

perfect for everything,

she hates kissing.


I expect

the best no less.

I want her well read

having understood all the words

in all the lessons ever written

it’s important

that the both of us

understand how it is

we’re to speak

no matter what century

is upon on us.

The once forgotten language

tantric or otherwise

deserves all of our attention now.

Most will have no idea what I’m speaking of,

except her of course

it’s always her

being the one true,


I’ve come to depend upon.

To come here diligently  and read my words

by some sacred decree

thrown on the church steps

by some fat priest.

All I’ve ever expected of her

was an alcoholic afternoon

where we tipped and drank

throughout an entire sunny day

filling both our bellies

with heavy memories.

Filled with spellbound stories,

a totally reverted afternoon

all fun and edgy.

Together,  getting way too loud.


we’d laugh at this 21st century,

it’s just like the one

several hundred years ago

where we swore

we’d never settle

we’d never kiss

we’d never let our heavy mouths



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