The very nature of this

the pretty girl,

has been locked

set up and carved in stone

step by step

for centuries now.

Nothing needs to be held out,

playing the sensitive part

of being all wrapped up

in the warm Indie sunshine

making love.

She’s a natural ever lasting

cause for feverish skin.

Underneath shielded armory

her strong heavy man

comes with some sort of

protected wisdom,

if not with gilded words,

then with bronzed polished shoulders.

Playing the strings of silhouettes

his charmed and coveted mandolin

lays guarded in his arms.

Her new day begins

heavy with temptation

she wants nothing more

than to add to his keep.

Beneath some shallow whispered something

she makes a profound addition

a half promise

with real long lasting truth.

she wants to devote herself

to her own beautiful cause.

Indie Sunshine

triggering each new days start

she’s a timeless hope

impossible to number or count.

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