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Love Always

From the spoils of  simply knowing,

love always,

conquers and rules the day.

Soon, I’ll have her

near my sensitive side.

Curled and cupped up close

against each and every day.

These are the stars

or lofty dreams

that I’ve talked about.

Such desires must live

alongside her eyes too.

And for the first real time

love actually has a chance

of coming to life again.

Like a true forever lover

I have prayed for the girl

to simply come again.

My mood has not changed

I want to take a chance.

Lying close again

with eyes up into eyes

this time, a true time

won’t count against us.

 I understand you better.

I swear even if

I to convince you

all over again

to find love a thousand different ways

from here and forever

I haven’t been writing all these words

out of some convenient manner.

I just want to close my eyes

and know that in the morning

you’ll be there taking my wrist and arm.

Up underneath

these first big chance

I think of your heavy answers

down along some desolate road of love.

I swear I want to be dragged

to be picked up

and slapped with affection’s kiss

that kind of linking that

when others see it happening

they turn away.

Love a thousand ways

the wheels pour over both of us,

while putting our bodies

in compromising positions.

The torture lives

in equal parts

in both of us.


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