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Poison Pen

Dipped hurriedly

the words couldn’t come fast enough.

I was using one of those,

500 year old pens

you know

the kind with the ink well,

and as I was writing

I couldn’t help but notice

the ink stained and literally got everywhere.

Each time the tip was lowered

liquid just spilled out everywhere

I kept repeating

don’t be so vertical.

I was covered in what felt like poison

oozing from this pen

a gift given to me

by some luscious beautiful friend.

Oh how she went on and on

listing all its benefits

always reminding me

that the  quality

is second to none.

So I dipped it cautiously

thinking I was royalty

penning some crucial document.

I have to admit

holding something from so long ago

felt almost like

an excitement. I didn’t have to pretend.

Of course it took

some getting used to

because the leading edge

truly bled and bled

like I was killing it,

not in a good kind of way,

instead, I was

draining the inked life out of it.

Needless to say,

my first beaker of ink

went pretty quick

I made an ungodly mess

draft after draft

until I was satisfied

I could present,

to her, my official document.

Still, all covered in ink

I proudly held out

a decree of my love

an announcement of my admiration for her

truly, it was a fucking mess for sure.

When she walked in

she couldn’t help but laugh,

“what have you done to it?”

Listen,  I demanded

with ink still fresh and dripping

I knelt and handed her

her first real decree.

Clearing her throat

in some comical gesture

she read the said document

with this made up accent

it somehow worked

as we looked at the other

she held up a mirror

I knew what was coming.

I had ink all smeared

not only on my face  and collar,

but there on the edge

it had gotten all over my comforter.

I just stared at her

until she said,

“the next time you wish to decree

your royal love for me

use your phone, laptop

or  ball point pen.”

I very gently laid that pen

back in it’s 500 year old box

that is now stained

marking this year and century.

Upon I can look

and remember

the luscious beautiful girl

who gave it to me.


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