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With time and attention

both winding and tightening,

clearly, he wants her

to be the girl.

She has gained the attention of

someone who has made certain wishes

come exactly true.

She’s asked to be taught and shown

exactly how it is,

the rules  rule,

on a day like today.


he explains the touch-play game

between both players.

This girl,

with a definite eye,

and intelligent personal demeanor

that others have a hard time believing

she’s willingly asking

to be taught and trained.

This deeper kind of willingness

to give of herself

to just one

deserving man.

Both of their truths,

she’s asked to blend and borrow

so her new makeup

will show brilliantly on the outside.

She wants to learn

how to  balance her internal voices.


that one voice that pushes her to move ahead.

Tiptoeing from one stone to the next

she masters the information perfectly,

always doing exactly

what’s been asked

before moving ahead.

There have been 3 lessons,

with 9 more still to come.

She just finished

the Lesson of the Garden

where she identified

her pretty little thorn(s).

It’s a tough and sensitive game really

always expected to add each layer

and play the role  

to the best of her ability.

Each of them

have made a promise to the other

that whatever is asked

the other will obey

without question.

Because whatever it is he asks,

she will expect him

to follow through.

Balancing both expectation and  demand

precisely on the edge of her answers

there are certain words

she needs to use

how it is

she wishes to be pleasured.

On this, the curved heated night

she nods and offers herself

that intimate deep seeded self

that wants to be adorned

prayed and knelt before,

with heavy handsome kisses.

His mouth cupped over hers,

she doesn’t mind this kind of closeness

they have agreed on the contracted terms,

in a 4th lesson.

With a pulse of pleasure

he hands her something

she carefully fastens

tightly around her throat.

She can feel each swallow now

she completes the loop

with the words,

“The girl.”


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