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The Mirrors

With the choice of a thousand mirrors

it was almost impossible for her

to choose just one.

Some were filled with jealous glances

always trying to compete.

For centuries now

her little kingdom

was strewn with broken mirrored glass.

There wasn’t a safe corner

she knew it was her own fault

always trying to tiptoe

being careful.

Until one day

she ordered for the shards to be picked up

to be cleared and fired.

All the broken mirrors

would now be combined to make one.

Burned and brought back to attention

the liquid filled many cups.

This, her glamorous pool of desire

was something altogether different

it was impossible not stare at it.

The fiery red anger

of the flared up tips

caused the flames to dance around her.

She stood over her collection

she was proud of her look

narcissistic or whatever

she didn’t care what the others thought.

A deep belly red crimson

matching the color of her lips

she stood guard as the liquid got even hotter

the best of her

played in the reflections.

With a strong and heavy kiss

she gave her approval.

The liquid glass poured

a very thin sheet covered her world

with a delicate layer

her once delicate heart

was now sealed.

Starting over with this new exterior

This new glass would protect her now.

Her wise and smarter heart,

the fool no more,

now she could spend hours

looking aimlessly in the mirrors of others.

There are some that will pay

for the cherished honor

of being able to hold hers.

The handle with its deep golden inlay

with the carved words

“doubt thou the star is fire

doubt the sun doth move

doubt truth to be a liar

never doubt thy love.”

The frame outlined in rubies

each quarter marked by a diamond.

This would be her final keepsake

a treasured momento

to pass onto

her daughter.


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