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Energy Drink

With something new

she walks 

up into eyes.

I know I’ve seen 

this look before,

still, she’s hovering

 over my shoulder

half whispering, 

giving me this thing to drink.

I  look and half scan

making sure that the girl and I

share whatever is in this can.

With heavy sips

we finish, and toss whatever that was aside.

It is then that we start 

to secretly hatch out this plan.

I interrupt our deviant scheming

to slam her with a kiss.

For this, the girl

who can make me feel

like no one has 

or ever will.

I tell her I want to stop

not now, it’s too soon.

There’s not enough

for this plan has not been thought through.

She looks with this lustful want,

just once,

and that tone

interrupts and changes 

the mood.

She stops,

completely in love

she pushes to pull me 

super close.

She demands, 

I look into her

paying full attention to the want.

It’s hard,

and even harder still, 

to the point,

we can’t focus on anything else.

And in this moment

and in this time

she’s the center and 

the void at once.

The lust and the aching desire

she’s the place 

I need and want.

I say the same kinds of words

each day on rise,

each night at rest

like it’s all I’ve ever 

known or done.

Practice has become 

my perfection.

I have repeated my verse

 perhaps a thousand times

having never changed the words.

As we lay here,

having just sipped that 

tonic of hers

we feel a burning

 irresistible urge

 to memorialize 

with some kind of writing

 explaining how amazing it feels

to be in this sober intoxication

perhaps it’s just

 our energy drink?

I write,

because I have nothing else.

Each conversation

 is a tiny snapshot

that defines how each of us

ebb and flow in all direction.

She asks, and I say yes,

she reaches and dances

for she loves to crawl

sliding against the sharp edges of this conversation.

She continues to give

and now right in front of me,  

she asks me, to 

stand still and quiet.

In just that instant

I’ve been upgraded

with shiny new parts.

These pieces she’s applied 

are unfamiliar at first

yet, their feel is simply perfect.

She inches close

and starts this type of talk

it’s hard to focus and listen.

She’s showing me 

how to get the most 

out of each little piece or part.

I stand dangerously beside her

we fit very snug, 

the both of us,

in our rightful proper place.

I stand, 

holding tightly to her hand

the voices tease for us to jump.

She promises I can fly.

I look down 

void of any doubt

and I leap 

jerking her out

 into me.

That embrace

where we’re freely falling

naked skin is refreshing

we’re quickly heating up

perhaps all of this

is nothing more

than the sordid affects

of an energy drink

we shared an hour ago.

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