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International Dreamer

With the weight or pressure

of having to comprehend

and or remember,

the exact reason why

she wanted all of my attention.

She leaned in with a heavy kiss.

Her hair tied tightly,

the largest black rimmed glasses

she proceeded to ask some questions,

almost as if,

she wanted me to perform

some scholarly decathlon.

Being educated was the turn on,

she needed to know exactly why

I thought or think I knew

her mind was full of challenges.

For starters, we played around with

teasing and playing with

the words of the ancients.

She insisted,

I go into deeper detail

about Plato and his cave.

The chained and unseen,

kept prisoner,

simply because they lacked


She turned to that word

paused and waited for me to catch up.

She undid the clasp

and her beautiful curls fell,

I reached to touch

she stopped my hand.

She asked,

stare into the future,

and tell me who

was going to bring about the biggest change?

And I tried

to shift and hold a mirror,

reflecting the question back to her.

She wasn’t buying it.

She asked,

who will bring about the biggest change?

perhaps thinking was taking too long

You don’t owe me an answer, she says.

I’ll answer,

only on one condition.

I get to whisper

in the cup of your ear.

She never saw it coming

the words sorta melted her mood.

I transitioned her theoretical evening

into the push and pull of foreplay.

She tried to pull herself away,

yet, she kept flopping back.

She so tried

to get back to that studious side,

it was no use really

she fell helpless into my arms.

We lay there for hours

one taking a turn after the other.

Nonsense philosophy really,

we both agreed,

the future was going to change regardless.

Still, to lay there with her sugary kisses

dangerously close

was profound.

What started out as some sort of lesson

turned into this amazing


Where she slowed the meanings in words

punctuating with sharp fingernails

the undulations and meanings.

By the end of her sentences,

I was wrecked.

She turned and removed her glasses.

She was losing her studious edge,

the wanting was a building ache.

She was winning.

I wanted the teacher to…

My Siamese twin,

she immediately understood.

The girl had scored the final victory,

just as she undid her blouse

with nothing underneath.

She had me wait and ask

like she were the teacher again.

It went a little sideways

something about detention

not paying close enough attention

and now the price

needed to be paid back

with gripping smacks

she knelt

and gave of her bottom

enough said.


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