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There’s this very bold and shiny world

where want-to-be girls

dress up to accentuate their curves.

And all of us have no real issue

paying the admissions price.

Crammed and popular still,

we watch with a curious smile.

The girls look stunningly real.

It’s fun watching this crowd

“who is or isn’t”

one can’t help themself

to be touched by a tug of sympathy.

Imagine if you will,

having to travel from city to city

putting on this huge production

in order to share your exaggerated beauty.

Outwardly so sexual and real

yes, their acts were well performed

at one one point the queen emcee

asked the crowd,

“what is your sexuality?”

God forbid, if you were a straight male

the emcee had issues with us

questioning why we’d possibly be there?

Being judged by a lesbian drag queen,

oh the irony of having certain parts.

It’s sometimes a struggle to show it off,

even if, you’re born with the goods

take a chance and share with us

you’re so very popular now

all because of us in the mainstream.

Dance, drag queen, dance

just don’t judge us

in the crowd.

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