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Binge Watching

I want the television to tell the truth.

I promise to search and save the titles

to my profile.

Come tomorrow,

we’ll commit ourselves

to the asylum of our bed.

We’ll lay and binge watch

Season and episode 1.

I’d be much happier if,

we could agree on the same title.

We could fold up

and ruin a beautiful Sunday together.

Close the world out

blackout curtains and all.

We’d be so grateful

when we’d finally commit

on the thing we’d watch.

There’s no greater feeling

than when we’re hooked

and can’t turn it off.

These forever hours

are what make us

touch and grab onto this place.

Somehow the junk food has no guilt,

and yet we’re always mindful

to leave the last bite.

Hand feeding each episode

we’d stop to talk, eat or go pee.

Let the twisted world

spin on around us

as our addiction feeds.

Missed we knew,

we wouldn’t be.

Role playing out in front of the other.

I swear it’s just you

that gets and understands me.

You’re my superhero,

I pretend not to notice.

Satisfied in watching you

saving the day for all the others.

Thankful for

this streaming channel,

our enabler,

letting us spend a handful of years

binge watching all at once.

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