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Love Blockade

Lines of love clearly drawn out
there sits this tiny bungalow
deep on the inside of me.
Rigidly enclosed,
I keep to my words
my mistress on a frontline I suppose.

Always having some emotion to write about.
There sits this intriguing blueprint
where devotion takes on this
ordered formality.

In an ancient relic of a contract
paper and its corners are torn
written in a long forgotten format

the terms and conditions clearly drawn.
We must of have sworn our love
from sometime long ago

because I keep writing and writing
about something I can’t quite 
put my hands around.
I reach and grasp for its proper meaning,
but my poems keep missing the mark
perhaps tomorrow I’ll have improved my aim.
I’ve been instructed to keep on writing.
Yet, our own self confidences
help with the frustrations

seemingly always having so much time to console.
We have always kept a peaceful eye
amidst a joyful outcry,
it was dust I swear
that made me tear.
From never before
have I ever felt so possessed
by this spectacle that is born within me
a need to share the same space.
Love has always been garnered as the biggest prize,
and I know for sure
that in order for this connectedness to take hold
there must have been a crystallization
something written between the both us.

Our living contract,
thusly, creating our permanent love blockade.
There are the driest of deserts
where seemingly nothing grows,
and yet, they can find us there.
Me and the girl
photographing what lay ahead in our journey,
sometimes with film, sometimes with nothing at all.

Massive sand dunes mark our friendship.
Our bond has gone on quite easily
its abundance understood
both us, quietly building the foundations
These tiny crystals cover the earth.
With just the tiniest of stirring
huge dust clouds form
causing everything in its path to be devoured.
Our love-making,
my instance, allowing my eyes to see.
She understood and fed that excitement
making sure to dress  and expose herself
in just an exact way with nothing ever repeated.
Her desires reached deep into me
pulled and defined this love blockade.
This love affair was born from a free romance 
a blazing sunlight that burnt both our souls.
Temptation we coaxed underneath the stars
naked bodies were never more exposed.
We kept our holy promises, 
born by these sacred convictions
we were forever devout in our faith.
Just as she stands here, besides me
our words have been transfixed into grasps.
We have drawn our own safety lines,
walls are built for enemies,
and still we have none.
No matter where we go on travel
in and amongst the peaceful land
we are always reminded
the kind and beautiful people
always extending hospitalities hand.
There is this grit in our bond 
a kind of attitude of stoic reverence
where we take the spirit of our companionship
and cherish it above all others.
We share this DNA code
an extremely strict way of knowing how 
our empire was ready to seize control.
Perhaps our seduction
was born from a place
where love’s intoxicating fumes cloud
to block all intimidations.
Unsurmountable or otherwise,
I can only count on all the others
to come bear witnesses to this love.
Watch how we incorporate our language.
We do so without loud voices
or throwing iced things.
Soft and amazingly pure
her hands spread softly 
in this is timeless connectedness really,
me, and this ancient girl.
What towers and is sure to divides us
are these great structures within
that give us our convictions
our memory guides and their desires.
For centuries I have fought for her
never doubting that if I stayed the course
adding stone after stone
that this love blockade
would never require walls.


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