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Decedent Decay

Addiction just wasn’t something

I ever thought I’d have to pay.

In order to experience this kind of girl

meant I’d have to go

to different kind of place.

The truth serum

slipped easily into veins,

it’s hard to admit

at being such a

willing participant.

Especially when,

right and wrong we’re staring at me

directly in the face.

The only excuse I can give,

for being such an addict,

I was trying to play a game

I was obviously not very good at

and so I listened to her messages

brought on by her needled tongue.

Maybe it’s true instead,

I needed her pleasurable mouth

using all kinds of words

that I never really knew

before all of this had gotten started.

Now I wake each morning

pretending I don’t need her drug,

but in reality, I’ll go crazy

trying to replicate this fix I need.

That warm flood of pleasure

threatening to cause an end.

Yesterday was never coming

I’m now stuck in a thorn tree

where we love-junkies

are meant to be.

I’m filthy,

and both of us are caught equally

underneath life’s spotlight

with our pleasure soaked hands

palms face up surrendering.

Empty words fill the images

where we pay such a high price

being all love-rich

it seems so ridiculous now

because come tomorrow

we’re going to be stuck here.

Maybe I’ll never leave her side

I know I’m trapped by this girl

sociable or otherwise

I can’t help myself

but to offer up my wrists

and just let her

have her way.


7 responses to “Decedent Decay”

  1. I’m smiling. You found me again! This makes 4 times. I’m so not troubled, addicted, lonely or distracted. There all metaphorical as to compare one emotion to another—-or some such thing, right?

    I’m smiling knowing you’re here putting your eyesofblue on my words again. Love you L


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