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The Second Empire

From the start

the kissing hour was my surprise

I was mixed up inside.

Maybe luck was down for an hour.

She wanted to fully take me

to set me free from between her legs.

We always promised,

we’d ride for hours.

Broken or otherwise

it never really mattered because

that thing inside

was in the both of us

I can still see myself

standing in her eyes,

it didn’t matter much

that I was always blind

when it came to my own eyes.

Always praying to a false Gods,

it’s not the worst sin,

not by a long shot. Never mind my mind.

It’s just, I swore to be good.

Now that my second empire

is fully aware of where I’ve just come,

I can honestly clutch the sorrow in

knowing all too much.

From inside a perfect thing

this is how it feels

to be kept waiting,

while you’re fucking around.

Sentenced to stay and serve,

happy, even if,

I wanted the sentence at first,

just not anymore.

There’s something about

counting backwards,

while looking forward

always pleading my case,

only to get denied.

With no excuses left,

I’ll accept the second Kingdom.

Attention can’t help temptations fate,

walk with me now,

just promise that you’ll leave me alone.

I’ll promise to let you win, even if

you can’t promise

to give me some fucking space.

I know it’s not what you want,

but truth turns the world upside down.

I can still stand outside your window

and count the number of dreams

that seem to come and go so easily.

24 hours in bed with my lover.

A girl who supposedly knows

how to get the best out of me.

The sorrow is,

that each new night

I have to fall in love with her

all over again.

I guess I don’t know how

to fall without landing

in a dangerous position.

I swear,

she understood all along,

but then it’s my word against hers.

Each morning I fight

to be alongside her,

I guess that’s why,

I’m moving on without her.

I have to admit

it was always easier

having her hand in mine,

but this was long before

she slept the night with him.


One response to “The Second Empire”

  1. Whoa.. This is strong thank You for sharing sometimes i swear i don’t know what is worse being disappointed yourself or having to disappoint others


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