Violet Returns

With unquestioning eyes
she has arrived unannounced.
Violet returns to the side of me
where she has already left once before.
She’s returned to give
her blessed mark to me.
Come tonight, she’ll beg to give
whatever it takes, to use her body twice.
This intense desire of hers
marks her official return.
With a hand as a gentle reminder
she pulls my body on hers.
With everything going as desired
I cup and pinch her breasts
with a hand that is hidden
from all the onlookers.
She falls back and looks up,
with this awe struck smile.
Words have never meant
as much as this before.
She has strung all my words
in frames across her room.
With lyrics that are timeless now
it’s much easier to remember the past.
Entwined, just like how it was
when her devotion
punctured my lung
I couldn’t breathe.
I have this love-torn need for her.
To simply lay,
and actually feel the girl.
It’s easy to come alive again
we shift, and I take control.
She gives whatever I want from her.
Easy are the familiar things,
she speaks these fancy words
that make her much more desirable.
With toes that never really
touched the ground.
She flits to the dangerous edge
bringing me alongside her,
together, we peer at the bottom below.
She asks, “Will you jump with me now?”
And before I could answer her
She leapt, pulling the both of us
towards the jagged ground.
Just as we were sure to be destroyed
she squarely kissed me really hard
swearing she was never
letting go.

8 responses to “Violet Returns”

  1. What uncanny timing….how did you know I would return? 💋 (Because I always do)
    Happy New Year poet. 🌹
    I’m smiling.


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