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I think I knew

I couldn’t get it right,

because I knew

my resolution’s fate.

Here I’m now

fighting a lopsided fight.

The girl with charms

will always get me every time.

See, I can’t see

beyond this night

come tomorrow I’ll go blind

and forget the resolution promise.

I seriously want to be,

her only reason,

for wanting to set

her promise straight.

Stare at me

straight in the eyes,

because I want to see

what you’re thinking tonight.

When words like these

come at me fast

it’s hard to see

what she’s dying to ask.

I can’t pretend

that I’m not really interested

it’s hard to fake

I don’t have any feelings.

I promise and swear

to sharpen my focus

it will be import to share,

just what I’m thinking.

If by chance,

you happen to read this first

could you do me a solid

and undo the hook?

You’re here to last

I understand the course

I’ve already sworn

my resolution to be yours.

Upside down

because it’ll be just us

hearing the words.

I could whisper mine

because I know I’ll need

you to play a part

don’t laugh as I stumble

and fall all apart.

I wish I knew,

just how to love

without you here

witnessing it all.


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