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Bubble Bath

The soft and precious hour

something delicate about her body

vulnerable to the terrible cold.

We’ve been waiting since August

for the weather to finally turn.

The expectations in her bath

a performance of a lifetime.

Deviant pleasurable plans

exploit my desire

this is much more than

just soap and water.

There are definite steps

the girl slowly undresses

stepping out of a simple towel.

All of this started

with a flirtatious message,

asking if I could get her

that favorite bubble bath

from that time we devoured

the soaking hours

where time was spent inside of time.

We easily came up with a theme

for this is the start of our season.

A purposeful twist of my hand

the stinging truth of hot water

the girl inches super close

bringing sensitive body parts

underneath and against

the different surfaces.

Plain everyday objects

used to go unnoticed

until placed in our hands and minds.

To the edge of that corner

pleasure topples easily most times.

She begs to give herself over

she’ll do whatever it takes to share

lifting up on elbows, if necessary.

Holding the perfect angle

until the wave resets.

Quickly riding on top.

The water spills, causing damage

no matter how many towels are used

every time she asks for those bubbles

we divided ourselves

until expectations were spent.


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