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The Ocean Tide

A love of the sandy coast

we can’t help ourselves,

but to dig in and tear into our clothes.

No one really noticed back when

we were all sunbathing last summer

free falling into each other’s open arms.

We were so weightless then

watching now seems impossible.

Scantily half dressed, almost naked

we could care less who’s watching

Skin showing, warm hands spread

evenly about the blanket.

Hands slip underneath to feel

the firm shifting sands of this earth.

My expectations are real.

I’d rather wait until we were alone.

She, on the other hand,

has this voyeuristic side

where love is so strong, it’s shared.

She turns into this sexual being

I equally want and need

it fuels the both of us.

Balanced now on the dune’s edge

careful not fall down the front.

She holds firmly to each fistful

careful to keep steady

to land the perfect kiss.

On the shores of Mexico,

while everyone back home freezes,

we’re certainly thinking of them

and sure we’ll be careful.

Not before we’ve had the chance

to finish what we started here

with the palms of our hands

the ease of the warm lotion

causes everything to work so much easier.

The pounding surfs keeps tempo,

down playing the thirst, unsatisfied

body types and weights

have no place here

everyone is beautiful today.

We spin and laugh together

comfortable in the nude

held afloat by buoyant fingers

adrift on a certain current.

Mouths hover making promises

skylit and still wanting more

we sink to the bottom

down here is when our other side

can’t help itself, but feed.

Giant sea creatures reach up and

before we know it

we’re chained to a sea bed

by these large sticky tentacles

that keep us safe and protected.

Sharing mouthfuls of virgin air

thank goodness we trust each other

going back and forth kissing

until morning.


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