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Tonight I had to ask,

just as I rushed to the edge

of the bathroom door

I wanted to watch you getting ready,

so I’d understand in a slightly better way

if those wings of yours

were in fact, real?

I must have danced

a thousand different thoughts

thinking how much I’ve been

loved in fact. And all of this

was started by an accident of yours

years ago by some coincedental contact.

I’m not exactly sure

how you got those wings to grow,

perfectly centered between shoulders,

so they can carry us.

I’m grateful for the support.

In a generous bear hug kind of way

we’re lifted up in the sky

I can feel your muscles working

you’re pushing too hard I think.

Out across the dangerous zones

I try not to worry anymore,

you’ll pick us up and carry us both,

to the safety of our couch

where we spend hours

looking for our next new thing.

You’re quite impressed

with my involvement

in the peaceful moments

that find us both,

moonlit or candlelight

it never really mattered why

we lay and strategize

our new soft landing spot.

In our next world

we’ve promised to meet up again.

This one being our 4th go around,

we still have so much to conquer yet,

and again, I turn with that subtle whisper

I’m dying to tell you

how much I’ll love you

all over again.



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