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Practice on Me

I’ll come there

I promised I’d prop you back up.

We probably won’t be able to talk

for a while at first though.

Words aren’t enough this time,

they’re too stuck inside

to say anything helpful right now.

It’s probably fine though, you won’t mind

sorting out the voices inside.

This past month has shoved you

a little too close and hard.

I promise I’ll put you on your feet,

if you promise, to get your voice

up and ready.

Oh it’s going to take both of us

again this time to get the words out.

I can put you up in a high rise, for a while,

stay until you’re ready come down

and fall. I promise I’ll pick you up.

We can blame the clouds for the tears,

no one has to know at first.

I promise you can practice on me,

to scream, and yell telling me to fuck off.

I’ll put a thousand dinner plates

freshly on the countertop,

let them smash inside, instead of you.

It’s unfair.

I’m sitting here on the outside

this time worried because

I’ve sat here before, holding my mom.


I’ve paused for a while now

stuck at that last thought.

I promise I won’t blink.

Seriously, I’ll make sure you land safely.

Promise you’ll stay in the high rise,

just give me an hour or so down here

before I pick you up

to practice on me.


7 responses to “Practice on Me”

  1. At some point in life we all need a parachute, of one kind or another. A counter full of plates helps.


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