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Out of Order Sorry

Down to earth

from the top downward

the switch was thrown

on the down low where

expectations are low.

Stand still and take your medicine

everything will be all right,

but what do I know

I just use words to fit a mood.

I just use words to confuse

to slip a thought just under the surface.

All I really want is to free your mind

to clear and clean up your room

the clutter is a mistake.

I want to be able to recognize you

buried underneath your busy life

underneath all the things you’re collecting

I hate this picture in my head,

I hate when I’m told to do anything

I hate when you say shit.

I know it’s not pretty

to say things

we know are true.

I’m all digitally connected

and yet, all I want though

are a set of a few easy rules to follow.

Maybe today we could escape

like we used to,

I know you’re too busy picking flowers

asking me to count them out.

She loves me,

she loves not.

There are miles of petals,

I’ve used every excuse

to convince myself you can love me.

God knows, that’s so not true

it’s a shame really

because I’ve wasted so many flowers

trying to get that last one to fall on

she loves me.


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