In My Head

The sky might be one hundred degrees

with the sun being brilliantly bright,

but in my head, the sky is falling grey

storm clouds, I’ll stay in bed all day.

I know I can’t check out like that

so I’ll walk around in a haze

in my head, the girl is just right there.

I can easily reach out to her,

but the warning system is broke.

Advisories are telling me

to stay inside, stay protected.

I’m not afraid

of a little weather coming my way

I can always climb to higher ground.

It feels off in this downpour

surely the floods are going to block out

my well established exit plan.

I’m nervous when I’m around her

what if this current deluge meant

I couldn’t live without her?

There is a difference

between need and want.

I’d spend a lifetime in eye of the storm

if it meant I’d be with her.

I can read the calm

well before the wall causes damage.

In my head, I know I need to love her.

There’s something epic about her

she can shatter the previous records.

Im in a storm surge

when I’m around her

I wasn’t meant to keep my head down

and none of this is predictable.

If I can keep my head just above water

even when things are sinking

I’d rather grab onto her,

and forget all my worldly possessions.

Even when my eyes

are stupid and closed

I can hear thunderstorms coming.

The power in the lights they flicker

I know how to settle and get to shelter

but in my head

I just need to love her.

no matter what the forecast says.

4 responses to “In My Head”

  1. They are unpredictable even with every precaution taken to insure One’s safety.

    From them we see dangerous light that can cause severe damage, but it is not difficult to be in awe of such a mighty brilliance.

    From the downpour, it cleanses and smooths away the rough edges even if it means tearing down barriers.

    There is a certain kind of beauty to such storms. and i see it in Your words.

    i thank You, Poet for sharing them.


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