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4 Day Streak

Wow I was just notified that I

am on a four day streak!

The first thing that came to mind

are all the things I could do in that time.

So here’s my 5am list of things I could in 4 days.

1. I could strip the inside of a house and repaint.

2. In four days I could ride my bike the 240 miles to San Francisco.

3. Drive across country to the Statue of Liberty.

4. I could teach someone how to read.

5. That unsightly yard could be transformed.

6. Write an award winning essay.

7. Record a song dropping a background track.

8. Very easily binge watch

9. Spoil a girl on some mini-vacation.

10. Finally, I’d simply spend my 4 days

uploading poetry to WordPress.

The funnier list are the things I wouldn’t,

but I don’t want to bore you with

the random things that come to mind.

I’m out.


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