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Lower Case Text

I’d pretty much do anything

to show how using lower case text works.

Words are important to me

in a way that sunshine feels on a grey day

when you sit against a warm window

it’s nature’s hug when nothing else works.

Lower case words are meant to show

a soft demurely kind of way of expressing

a submissive role in a relationship.

And there’s that word, I wish it were

all together something not so demeaning.

It’s hard to fight against perceptions,

just because a person uses pronouns

in the lower case. i, me, and my

are ways of showing

a top or bottom positions

in our text heavy world.

The Dominant and submissive believe

in the natural order of things.

Imagine if you could, a pack of grey wolves

they’re all pack leaders, totally on top

truly unable to stop the aggression always at war with another.

That thing the wolves do,

when they’re mating. Even they need

the natural Dominant/submissive balance.

Using lower case is a privilege because

you choose ‘the One’

who has the best qualities.

I stand in awe when I see a natural submissive.

It often sounds subtle a little like this,

“i want what pleases You”

There all kinds and types on both sides

and if you haven’t abandoned this poem by now, thank you.

Having an open mind truly makes a difference.

Keep in mind though,

there are tons of disastrous relationships,

just like on any first time date

keep your guard up against the person

who demands you play the part at the start.

This lifestyle doesn’t demand you use

the lower case, not until, you’re ready to

tryout the Dominant to see just how

things are negotiated. At first, both voices

are true and equal, meaning

use upper case on those pronouns.

It’s pretty amazing when the letters kneel

on their own accord, but I warn you

you’ll forever be fighting

our auto-correcting

unbelievably smart keyboards.


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