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A Whole Lot Of Love To Go Around

It’s not that I ask for you by name,

my wish is much more inconspicuous.

I can still feel you wrapped around me

for days on end after we’ve finished.

I keep you as my little secret,

you’re all I can think about today

I remind myself, one day at a time

with this one, it’s an amazing season.

Our sunshine conversations

keep a rush feeling inside

where we can’t wait to do all the stupid things in life.

I love how you don’t mind

if I spin you around

so you can be my dizzy companion.

We can lay in bed when grey skies tiptoe all day long.

I know there’s a whole lot of love to go around,

you never ask for more though,

and I can appreciate that sentiment,

just know I find it easy to be near you.

Nothing is lost or has gone unnoticed,

no, quite the contrary, I can tell you

change is the shameful truth that I regret.

I can’t lose you because

you occupy this blind side in me,

it’s a place where,

I’ll defend you to the death in there.

That night when we shared that thing

that passed between our lips, wow,

you’re were so meticulous.

It was beautiful when you held a hand

under my chin making sure I didn’t spill,

like taking medicine.

I love how you give me attention

everything is so thought out,

from the playlists, to the tiny lights/candles and pretty blankets.

My head got all fucked up, from all that love that went around.

I keep thanking the Gods in prayer,

just as long as I have you

I don’t mind spending all this time expressing

the strange ever changing feeling

that splits off and tingles.

It’s easy watching you

performing these little rituals

because I am the beneficiary.

I hope you won’t mind

if I linger in your bathroom

and watch as you get ready.

I’ll stay and hug the casing of the door,

stare as you apply your soft foundation

to soften the edges.

Erasing your sun-kissed smile,

I wish you wouldn’t cover those wrinkles,

still, I make pouty lips alongside you.

Just as you apply a light shade of lipstick

perhaps to hide the evidence that’s coming,

our future late-night kissing,

a presumption I suppose.

Wow, the transformation of your eyes,

highlighted by a beautiful shade of color.

I swear I turned for just a second,

tiny puffs of powder seem to cap the mood.

I’ve noticed

there’s a whole lot of love to go around.

I’m still not used to

when you read my mind

in the little notes

“Later tonight…”

You give my mind an image to play with,

I’m buried deep inside your pocket.

I like traveling around with you

listening to all your funny stories,

I know our love is not exactly perfect,

but it’s ours though.


4 responses to “A Whole Lot Of Love To Go Around”

  1. It has to exist, otherwise what’s the point in all of this. Remember, my perfect held against your perfect could be drastically held apart from one another. I don’t suspect that to be the case though because I’ve seen you write of such things. You’re not fooling me C. 😘

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