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A Stolen Empire II

A Stolen Empire I

The loud explosions were viscous against our building, it felt like the walls were going to collapse in and around us.   I could see shadowy figures running about in frantic chaos, just outside my tiny window. Everyone was screaming and I couldn’t help but flinch with each new wave.

My mother and I were the only two in our small one bedroom apartment.  I clung to her in absolute fear.  The screams were getting louder, everyone in our complex was involved.  Clutching my blanky, I couldn’t move against the fear in me. My mom had to literally jerk me, in order to get my eyes to focus dead center into hers.

Her blue eyes were now completely black. She turned into me while gripping hard onto my arms, “You stay here and do not move!  They’ll kill you if they catch you!  My mom gathered a few things and ran to the door.  Her silhouette, still haunts me. She turned and aggressively whispered, “Go and hide in your special place.  I’m running to get uncle Dante.  Don’t move from here!  Do you understand?”  The look on her face, the sound of her scared voice, I have never been this terrified in my life.  

I’m not sure if I answered her, the next thing though, she was awash and swept up by the crowd moving frantically outside. She disappeared. I could clearly hear her scream, until I couldn’t.  I started crying, like that uncontrollable hiccup crying. My throat burned, too afraid to make any sound. At that moment I felt like a child.

It wasn’t until I heard a voice in my head that night. It was an unfamiliar mans voice who was giving orders to others.  I was simply eavesdropping.  It stopped me from crying and helped me follow my mothers instructions, “Get in my special place.” That place, consisted of a small crawl space in our bathroom.  It was easy to curl my 5 year old body into the tiny slot behind our linen basket, it was impossible to find me once I slid the wall shut.  I clutched my blanky even harder now. That blanket thank goodness, had the smell of my mother.  I closed my eyes, but instantly saw her horrified glaring face looking at me. That image of her, frightened me something fierce. I promised myself I wasn’t going to close my eyes ever again. 

 The wave of screams kept coming.  A pocket of people would be found, they’d scream for their life and then go silent.  I put my tightened little fists over my ears so I wouldn’t hear.  In my cramped pitch dark space, I heard the man again, inside my head.  He was beyond angry.  He was shouting, “Someone better find me that child now!”  I whispered to myself, “Let’s not find the child.”  I fought to stay awake, too afraid to face my mother’s anguish, I could feel myself nodding off.

It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning and was somewhere all together different.  I felt a soft hand on my shoulder.  “Come here baby.”  A woman completely dressed in this glowing white fabric picked me up in one swift motion.  I clung to her neck because it felt safe.  A dream or whatever, it was better than my cramped wall space, but I could actually feel her.  She smelled so amazing, it’s hard to describe, but the combination of everything about her soothed my frayed nerves.  Whatever she was wearing was so soft, I couldn’t stop bunching the fabric which comforted my hands.  She was carrying me and it didn’t matter because I felt so safe with her. All of this was too much for my 5 year old little brain. 

A command center was remotely set-up outside the living quarters of the workers in order to find a child who held remarkable mental powers.  It was paramount to try and grab the child by surprise.  It was discussed and decided by the General, “In order to apprehend the subject we have to use extreme caution.  Under no circumstances is anyone to simply go up to her and talk to her.”   The plan was named “Shock and Awe” in that we overwhelm the entire community with loud explosions and give the perception people were being killed.  Since the child was 5 years old and no one quite understood the extent of her ‘abilities’ it was agreed upon by the Elders that the child would simply panic and not know how to react.  

The plan was being executed to perfection.  There were loud non-lethal explosions followed by troops with high powered darts that dropped a target instantly.  No one was harmed nor would they remember anything once an antidote was given, the affects would wear off in hours.  The General knew exactly where the child lived and also knew of the hiding place behind the linen basket in the bathroom.  It was important that after the traumatic event of losing her mother, that the child be placed in a super soft sensitive environment with a mother-like being in order to soothe and comfort the child while they conducted tests without her knowledge.  Behind every mirror or tucked in every object was either a camera or microphone that made observation seamless.  The General turned to his top luetenants and said, “Good job everyone.  The subject has been contained with no casualties. This is going to be easy.”

The girl woke up and saw the woman sitting next to her.  She quickly looked around to take inventory and asked the woman, “What’s going to be easy?”


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