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Winter Storm Warnings

Today I saw her bones.
There is a winter storm warning
everyone tries not to worry,
tonight the weather will change.
There was a place 
where we used to kiss,
when she wore her favorite summer dress.
Now, everything is being covered in snow
by morning it’s sure to be covered and gone.
This is the sharing season,
where one is safe and caring.
Today I saw her bones
and I appreciate the warnings
otherwise, I would not know
how to properly dress.
There are sensitive understandings
I still find hard to explain
and yet, there are others
who don’t care to answer.
The sky is so temperamental, 
so untrustworthy,
try not to turn your back
tonight the weather will change
the heavy unrestricted lashings
are set to rip apart the shore.
Today I saw her bones,
I don’t think she’s ready
for these upcoming storms.
Wind chimes alert to their arrival,
gale force warnings for sure
most would retreat to warmer shelter.
I look out the window
she’s there all stoic
ready to face her storm.


5 responses to “Winter Storm Warnings”

  1. Denial, one of our greatest defenses. I want us left just as we started after this storm has subsided. Facing something this difficult isn’t easy.

    The lighthouse, course. The analogy is perfect here against the storm.


  2. Perhaps it is because she knows she has to face the storm that worries the Narrator so?

    Maybe a bit of denial on her part, yes. Though fear grips her, turning away is not an option?

    This reminds me a bit of “The Lighthouse”. Do You remember it? Smiles.

    i thank You, Poet. It is always such a treat.


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