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Lynch Pin Episode

A first time goes for everything,
so meeting someone for the first time
after a decade of information
from a couple of conversations
we’re both feeling confident.
She explains she needs to perform
a lynch pin ritual,
not exactly sure what this means
the curiosity was more than enough
what started with an innocent look
ended up being our forever bond.
We both kept an informal tally,
just as the days kept rolling along.
It didn’t take too much or too long
to see the law of attraction
gripping and interacting between us. 
Love-centered attention
she placed her tiny hands
in a Reiki position
lightly touching the edges.
Within a few seconds the hour turned,
she pressed down firmly and hard.
Taking flame to candles
the hovering light gathers
her silhouette alerted me to her mood.
Beauty, and the beholder
there is something easy about her
confidently spreading oil in hands,
she brought the last candle closer
and together, 
the spiked hot mix of her hand
felt unbelievable.
Tipping the melted wax
exactly on a sore shoulder
she performed this spell,
without any expectation or answers
she focused her attention again.
The explanation went something like
if this works, it’ll be the lynch pin
for everything else working.
The girl in charge,
she set her warm hands closely.
In a flash, a bright light exploded
to this positive internal charge.
A tremendous shock inside
she felt something different.
With eyes up into eyes
she said this whispered prayer,
the bond that’s now between us
is a result of the lynch pin episode 
the spell taking hold
creating this life-time connection.


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