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The sky is threatening,

still, I swallow the truth and wait.

Winds pick at the edges

and it’s hard not to notice,

just how dependent I’ve become.

Silence has settled peacefully,

I wait here for the eye to come.

Caught up in the moment

I yearn for you.

Prayers churn inside, and so I

meditate on certain words

at least it gives me

some sort of shelter.

Curled up, with my back against it,

the rain’s daggers dig into my skin.

Still, this is better than the nothing

I was getting before the storm.

There is that part of me,

that will wait through all temperatures

the highs and lows do not matter.

Tonight I sit weathered and worn.

I’ve stopped using hours

to count and tell time,

ever since the sky too

was abused by the lightening strikes.

A flash slaps the calm between gusts,

and then, another strike.

We wait, and can’t help but flinch

even though we know

the sky is going to erupt and explode.

And there it is

the entire house shakes.

Windows feel like they’re going to shatter

the violence feels natural, it passes quick.

Sheets of sorrowful rain

follow the pounding surf.

The wailing grows even louder now.

People rush to my shores

seeking some sort of relief.

Nostalgia means I am their father figure.

It helps I stay the course,

even though, I have no real guide myself

so I forecast the best I can

reassuring everything will be ok.

This latest disaster will hit land soon,

Ive promised I’d bend to protect them.

Offering much more support,

than what they’ve offered themselves.

The waves reach in with long fingers,

they keep taking

from the exhausted shoreline.

I turn from the destruction

and watch her

face the horizon head on.

She too is ready to fight the night

right alongside me, it’s a relief

knowing her emotional beacon

will be there high on the cliffs edge

guiding all of us

to another morning of safety.


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