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Taking Turns

Not wanting to explain why

I placed a loaded kiss on your mouth

I was hoping you felt the urgency

coming from my lips.

I need to say I love you

standing face to face

the cup overflows

you step from that little dress.

These are the sensitive hours for sure.

Wanting to ignore my erection

I’m careful not to brush up against your hip

the tension streaks across the room

hands entwine and we both freeze,

yeah, you felt it.

The handsome distraction

is right here in front of us,

my ‘erected’ want

is now your turn on.

I’m drawn closer by you

inside my waistband

you wrap your cold little hand

and bring me closer,

just as I look down

I catch your eyes watching too.

The glistening pre-cum emerges,

you circle with a thumb

and before I have a chance to…

You stroke the head of me,

against the crease of your soft skin

and that’s enough to fill

and see the days and hours of waiting

across your chest and belly.

Standing with me completely naked

you tiptoe to get your mouth a little closer

whisper something between us.

It’s too soon to explain

what’s going on inside.

Honestly, I promise

to come clean in the morning,

after we’ve showered

from a heavy night of taking turns.


3 responses to “Taking Turns”

  1. This poem oozes sensuality. Images that bring the hard and soft together. Such enticements bring the reader to a satisfied finish.

    This poem reminds me of my days in college.

    Thank you so much Poet for sharing Your words.


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