Damaged Poetry

I’ve started and stopped three times,

each time coming to the top again.

With a new title and a fresh thought again,

words should be allowed to live.

There is something very obvious

in the way words affect us all.

I can’t tell how badly I want a…

There are some who instantly meet up,

giving things away immediately.

Intimately, there are some who are content

their moments are put on a list

almost calculated and planned.

What’s universal in all our relationships

players must be allowed to play

getting to the things we want

takes more than playful practice.

Absolutely, one must be honest, it’s worth repeating.

However, I’m somewhat fond of secrets

in some temperamental deceitful way

it’s sexy to hold back some information.

“There’s something I’ve never told you.”

None of us want to know it all

I applaud the effort it took to get ready.

Obviously, beauty has too many variables

it’s hard to tell what sparked the attraction.

Make sure you are who you say you are.

The poems and poetry are beautiful

right now my words

have all of my attention.

It’s not easy to say I miss you

I care to know you’re there

in that deep most passionate side

I want what’s crushingly difficult,

others can’t seem understand why.

Love is a mirror

we tend to reflect from inside.

First times count just once

mistakes can and will happen

when we’re trying to figure things out.

Make sure to line your pockets with memories.

Love and be loved in return.

11 responses to “Damaged Poetry”

  1. Poetry Cafe. Oh my that was an interesting journey. The influence on my own writing was eye-opening and appreciated especially since it continues to evolve.

    I remember few because of the impact they had on me. It is good to see you have stepped out from the shadows, EOB. Smiles.


  2. It’s been many years, I spoke to very few. There was Adam Ant, Bri, Dja Mon, Sean, Violent Femm and Ash are the ones I remember. Of course there was Gift •smiles•. Who do you remember? You were the extrovert. You know I read an article once about soulmates, in it they stated that a soulmate doesn’t mean you necessarily are romantically drawn to a person. Also, that age and gender plays no role. That there is a sense of connection at a deeper level, perhaps that is the lacing that binds friendships through a lifetime. *shrugs* I’m now old and I still search for answers and knowledge. All i can say is you were indeed a Gift in my life when I truly needed one, you may not have known.


  3. They say timing is everything, is it though. You tell me are we connected? *smiles* Past, present and perhaps future, makes me wonder.

    Even introverts step out from the shadows to meet the light.


  4. Perhaps we’ve never lost site of true selves.

    Occasionally we introverts do step into the light, though it takes years. *smiles*


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