Seven Seconds

Time has always been kind to me.
The hands have forgiven most things.
My true love asked if I could wait,
I honestly didn’t mind
because there’s really no other choice.
She has traveled all this way,
on broken knees to palms,
making sure that I felt loved
always letting me sip
on whatever cup.
From that first moment
when I asked her two questions
she immediately yearned to love.
Whatever it was that I wanted
that was her newest mission.
Time and attention is hers
in the hours I’ve been perfecting
this solitary craft, I haven’t quite
written my perfect poem.
Each time I come to this place
it’s my hope to just say
what’s on my mind.
Today, she asked
if I wouldn’t mind waiting
it shouldn’t take
much more than a day,
honestly, I’ve carved out
a lifetime for her.
She’s asked that I stay
focused and write.
I’ve been close to the stars
and I have certainly doubted
that they were fire.
I have never doubted her love though.
In most ways I can count
the seconds it takes
to get a proper answer from her.
Inside there are these
seven personality traits.
Can we simply choose
which one to take?
Never doubt they love,
words she’s made me memorize,
but still, who amongst us
would blindly wait?
Time will be your lonely companion,
come yesterday, when that question came
none of us have any real option
other than hold the hand of fate.
We can only hope
our radar is working straight.
Of course it’s how we confidently ask
our first two little questions
that we learn to trust the path
that the God’s have laid down for us.
So when I asked my two
in no way did I expect
my life to change so much.

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