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Glass Stare

Hands ache to touch and feel,

today waited impatiently

for me to wake and get the words out.

My expensive friend

asked to hold hands with me.

I was surprised I meant so much to her.

Everything has always been so one sided,

I don’t mind going along with the charade.

Today against all the rest,

I planned on bending the rules

for sometime now, I can’t help but to think

I need this other kind of girl right now.

A girl who tests the moral code,

she knows I’d risk it all for sure,

if it meant I could get inside of her.

There is always a second thought

before plunging down the rabbit hole

is this safest move to make

at this time of night.

It hasn’t always been so easy

to lay with her and kill time.

Even if we’re in her cluttered room

lying shoulder to shoulder planning.

She asks if I’m hungry,

only so I’ll go get take out for her.

The dangerous hours consume us

we can’t quite relax, but still

she’s having trouble falling asleep too.

Maybe we’re not all that different after all.

It’s often said that opposites attract

I find her almost to be my twin.

Insomnia is a treacherous friend,

one who can get you to do the things

that you’d never considered before,

especially when you woke

with the sun in your face.

At times she’s void of all emotion,

my robot asks if I have noticed

she got her hair done today?

A big blank stare looking upward

eyes so beautiful I avoid all blinking

something’s wrong

with the dream I’m having,

I can’t seem to get enough of her.

In the hours that is has taken

to count all the second chances

I’m grateful I’ve given her the attention

so she can start to finish things.

I made a promise yesterday,

to keep her safe from everything.


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