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Mocking Bird

Aggressive defenders

habitual creatures

awake at night

be careful

they hold true grudges

they actually remember

from year to year

they’ll come to you.

Once chosen

a crowded city is ideal

it’s nice to be around them

they blend in

apartments don’t mind

these free spirits of nature

bringing beauty to the whole

a soft wind chime.

Country setting

dive bombing

felines doing backflips

these birds love hard

clearing other species

they’re hard to fit in

when we want peace

our quiet is disrupted

they do not care

or mind they’re chasing

be careful of these birds

they’ll gang up.

Mocking Birds

one of creatures blessings

they’ll sing non-stop

we can count on their company

each season or two

and then they fly

to the Caribbean

warm and lush

calm on vacation.


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