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Treasure Chest

I didn’t see her coming

still, this is where she wants to shine.

My silhouette in the dark, it’s all hers.

She puts hers arms around my neck,

this time though, she starts to whisper

the lyrics from our playlists, undressed.

In the warm recesses, her curves

are a treasure map showing locations

to her positions that haven’t been touched.

The years ache for an epic discovery

here on the shores of her canopied bed.

I kneel to dig, I can feel I’m getting close

my love is hers, my hands search in vain.

I’m lightly touching the chest, it’s just as

she described when showing the map.

In exact detail, I was able to slide the

locking mechanism, to the open position.

A golden key was clasped around her neck.

I helped with her hair and carefully undid,

a skeleton that fit smoothly into the lock.

When reaching just the perfect depth,

everything clicked, the lid opened.

With wide eyes we both looked together,

the contents were neatly arranged.

Hours of treasures were to be discovered,

but first, her corset was put back on.

There in the pirates bed, plundered, looted

taken back to the bottom. Cleavage

surrendered, she gave back all position,

her heavy curls on shoulders, beautiful.

Even she knew her look was dangerous.

Tonight her shores

were going to be pounded.

She dropped her smile and disobeyed.

Begging for that tethered spanking,

she turned mentioning the favorite word.

Easily in her favorite position,

she misspoke on purpose, the reaction

was her turn on, she dug in

with her fists white knuckled into sheets,

fuck she was wanting. With a quick slap

the imprint was there on her bottom.

She immediately raised her ass,

She whispered “I’m not sorry.”

The next one was coming regardless,

but one should avoid begging to beg

especially being all that obvious.

Poor thing, she must have forgotten

I am ambidextrous.

My even stronger left hand was cold by ice,

the little peep she made, I knew it stung.

so I waited, she raised her ass again,

but this time her hands relaxed, no tongue.

I mirrored my second mark. She paused,

I put some ice against the burn,

she wiggled it off. Fuck I love this girl.

Again, she raised her ass, she was wet,

I reached underneath and lifted her higher.

The position changed, so the next one

just brushed against and caught her clit.

That was the spot, her ass did not lower

from there. I held her firmly by the hips.

What started slowly, corset strings pulled

pushing her hard into me, warm bottom

smacked against my thighs.

I reached underneath, pressing the point,

her clit got even harder, she squirted a bit.

Something about that wetness

made us collapse, all three floors

to the bottom, both breathing in unison.

She took my full weight on her tiny frame,

lifting her ass into Me. Those yoga lessons.

We came and collided into the rocky shore.

There on the ocean floor the treasure chest

arranged all neatly with its contents

she made for us, so next time

we’re gonna explore the Amazon.

Again, fuck I love her.


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