You Fit Into Me

Beautiful, it is hard to describe in detail

what it is I love most about you.

Is it hard to tell how hard I stare

into eyes that are stronger than my own?

Each night I come to find words,

I can’t help but notice the lyrics in songs,

sitting right in front of my face.

Ready to strike while the iron is hot,

you provide fire to flame, “You fit in me.”

Hiding between the pleasure and source

your closets are filled with many outfits.

You ask me to choose, “The choice is yours.”

I slowly go through each season, fabrics,

adorable and intricately designed.

Hand sewn sequence across glass beads,

she knows the one I’d want her to wear.

The romance, “You fit into me.”

For a second time those words appear.

She needs to be on top at first, finishing

what started on her hip.

The instructions ask if I want more of her.

Of course the words have no such answer.

Love and happiness mix in equal measure,

lust is always the truest victor in things.

One can’t just turn off the switch,

love burns this radiant hot,

what else is there to do?

I am in love with you.

You fit into me,

as I do to you.

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