Writing Craft

I can’t quite express

with all due respect

this feeling I get

when I crawl inside

and begin to write.

I hope not

to bore you

my euphoric joy

lasting adequately enough

in order to

get everything out.

Words to me

matter much

simple or otherwise.

Each syllable

or subtle rhyme

mixed and gathered

put on the screen

the balance teeters

it’s hard to capture time.

For a large part of my life

I struggled with literacy,

sometimes it bothered me

I couldn’t just write,

words without effort.

After all and seriously

I paid time to the craft

is it reasonable to care

all this much?

A Warrior Spirit

lives in this space

a soliloquy of thoughts

I’m perfectly full.

Content inner voice

stringing word, after word,

after word.

Thank you

for giving back

your time and attention.

Insatiable eyes

read every line

scouring every inch

appreciating the craft.

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