From Pictures Back Then

When colors fade

from old photographs

life’s timeline is hard to ignore.

Maybe memories work the same,

with time against them

it’s hard to recall,

just exactly how you sounded

or replied when we spoke.

In all those old photographs,

I’m your age now,

I guess time travel

is actually possible.

The hour now,

is still really early

I keep a bottle of your perfume

close to me

scent is the strongest

memory trigger.

I missed what was left

in our future lives,

to see us both through today’s filters.

Maybe it’s better this way

finding this old box

of faded photographs and 8mm tapes.

I remember how proud you were

when we were the first ones

to have this fancy video tape machine

a futuristic device with no sound.

The events sped by faster then

from what I remember now.

A community pool party

when backyard BBQ’s

were a big thing back then

when we were learning to swim

with our over inflated water wings.

I wonder what you’d think

watching all of us now

lost in our own digital worlds

in the palms of our hands, cell phones.

There’s a filter to make

our recorders look old w no sound.

I wonder if,

we’ll ever be that proud again

to gather everyone and show them

some new piece of technology?

Now, people still gather around,

as a family or whatever

never to worry

that our digital photographs

will ever fade or deteriorate

in some old box

in the attic.

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