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Treasure Hunt

The pleasure

comes from the source.

I don’t mind waiting

on a certain kind of girl.

She turns, her smile escapes

and my mind goes blank.

I’ve never seen this

kind of look before

when she put her eyes

squarely on me.

She claimed the words

were all hers.

I want more time,

from that side of town

where it was always easier

to disappear in and behind her.

I didn’t know

what life is like

without her perfume

to remind me

exactly where she’d been

or where she’s going.

It’s hard living

making time for myself.

Time and attention

fight the addiction of her,

and it’s now all backfilled

I’m here tripping over myself.

Stripped and left naked,

poor me,

left with feelings and

fantastic sex with her

almost always a surprise.

I like watching

my eyes can’t get enough

ever, never.

Sentimental summer trees

stare without their leaves

way up there

in the heavy sky,


to soak us both.

I know how much

you love me,

trust me, when I say

I’ve properly prayed

for a girl like you.

There’s something

about you and I suppose

in all the superficial minutes

that create memories

of me and you

it’s dangerous to love this much.

To love just one person this much.

My heart hurts and bleeds

it’s not only on my sleeve, but

splattered on the wall,

soaked in all these pages,

it’s everywhere,

quite honestly,

I don’t mind

as long as you love me.

It’s a long fall

from this high feeling

I get from you,

trust when I say

I’d rather be alone

waiting on a schedule

I made for myself

rather than getting hurt

by some insecure thought

I can’t control

from calling names

and you shut off

walk away,

don’t do that to me.

It all feels and sounds

good right now,

just promise me that,

you’ll keep flipping the lights

on and off

no matter how times

it takes me to see

during the night or day.

Remember my love is blind

it’s a torture device

I can’t help myself

from thinking if

you feel the same way?


I need your songs.


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