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When Lovers Meet

I can’t sleep

until I’ve come here

and knocked on this door

to try and wake you

into existence.

We haven’t met,

yet I can describe you

in exacting detail.

My lover is already in me,

I am not seeking you,

but merely waiting

on a chance meeting

in order to be in awe

and inspired by you.

I listen for your voice,

so I’ll know you

by the words

and phrases you use

already alive in me.

I am in love you

and have been,

it’s been years of this,

our two voices mixed,

so that when we shed

our old skins

we will change

and truly be one.

For now though,

I am content in knowing

you’re alive and well in me,

so when we do meet,

you’ll begin to see for yourself

I have been alive and well in you,

and this is the reason

for all the words.

My words,

might never be seen,

yet they’re here already

thriving in all of us,

because there are truths

between lovers

that already exist.

Nature’s laws surround

all of us, in fact,

we just need

to teach ourselves

how to listen, how to

react to them.


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